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Travel and Leisure Group


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Discover your next adventure in 2014 with the Travel & Leisure Group.....


If you missed us at the 2013 show, be sure to catch us in 2014 being held on 6th - 9th February, at London’s Earls Court.

At the essential event for travel inspiration you'll find a wealth of ideas and expert advice on your next Timeshare experience. Do you fancy a cultural city break in Rome? Or perhaps you are craving a relaxing beach holiday in Thailand. Maybe the adrenaline junkie within you is craving a ski holiday in Canada? Or maybe, you just want to find that place a little further from the beaten track... we will be on hand with all the answers.

We look forward to seeing you there – Travel & Leisure Team

In 2013, Travel & Leisure Group, a leading European Timeshare Resale Brokerage, brought the world of Private Timeshare Sales to the Times Destinations Holiday & Travel Show, Earls Court, London with overwhelming success, so we are back again for 2014.

It was a great opportunity for customers, new and old, to meet the experienced team from Travel & Leisure. Customers took the chance to talk about all aspects of the timeshare industry and were 'very pleased to see a reputable resale company taking the opportunity to meet their clients face to face'. This positive approach gave the team a wonderful opportunity to explain how Travel & Leisure act as an independent broker between private individuals, assisting them to buy, sell or rent a timeshare. It was also a perfect location to educate new buyers about the timeshare industry, reinforcing customer confidence in the product.

There were many thousands of eager visitors to the show, with a large number of them passing by our stand. We were surprised how many people stopped for a chat, a chocolate and entered our prize draw.

Why Exhibitions ?

Although we live in an era in which many business deals have already been conducted through information technology, many companies still participate in exhibitions from time to time because they believed that business generated from the exhibitions would be far greater than any other form of business promotional activities. Meanwhile, exhibitions are a perfect place to recruit new customers and strengthen relationship with the old clients. In an exhibition where buyers and sellers come together is viewed by business people as an opportunity for "big" business. In addition, it is a chance for the exhibitors to share their innovations and latest development to their customers.


In fact, when combining with the appropriate marketing strategies, exhibitions can create sparkling opportunities for business. Exhibition may even be possible to revitalise some of the products which have fallen behind the market and perhaps, you may come up with another brilliant idea by exchanging conversation and sharing information with your visitors.

There are pros and cons of large and small exhibition. A large exhibition can certainly draw attention but sometimes, a small one can create an intimate atmosphere which enhances the communication between the exhibitors and visitors. The fact is that size of the event is highly correlated with the marketing goals which your company wants to achieve and the needs of your customers. Prior to deciding the scale, you must define your objectives first and analyze the future benefit which you will receive from the exhibition as opposed to the expenses on the event at the present time.

Nevertheless, regardless of the scale of the exhibition, a business can benefit a great deal because you can meet a group of live audience in a short time and it is also the most cost-effective way to promote business.

Therefore, many merchants take this opportunity to showcase their products as much as possible because number of people visits the event usually far greater than any other business day.

Furthermore, in terms of publicity, exhibition is the winner among all other forms of advertising mediums such as billboards and direct mailing which are very passive. In an exhibition, you can not only talk to your customers and promote your new products but also conduct research on your customers' profile.

On the other hand, customers are always hungry for information and need to be fed well. Participants are usually very aggressive in searching for what they need because they may come a long way from home to attend the event for a few days. Therefore, if you treat them well and handle everything properly, you will get a deal, perhaps a "big" one.

An exhibition is amongst the most powerful marketing tools available to companies today. There are
two basic reasons for participating in either a trade or a consumer exhibition:

  • To inform the marketplace of your product or service
  • To increase sales and consumption of your product or service

There are also other major benefits -

  • An exhibition brings the mountain to Mohammed. It is a cost-effective way of drawing your target market to you in one place at the one time
  • It appeals to all five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch and what we call the sixth sense, thought
  • It combines all the elements of the promotional mix – advertising, public relations, sales promotion and selling
  • By being there each visitor is a qualified prospect
  • At an exhibition, the passing trade of potential and qualified customers that walk past your stand can be measured in the thousands. Whereas in an average retail environment the passing trade is significantly lower, and more than likely not qualified or directly interested in your product or service

And, there are further additional benefits -

  • An exhibition enables all aspects of the selling process – attention, persuasion, desire and purchasing – to be compressed into a single activity
  • It enables you to continue creating awareness of your product or service, and of your company and its position within the marketplace
  • It broadens your customer base. The drawing power of an exhibition is such that visitors will often travel from interstate and even overseas to attend
  • You can introduce new products and services to an instant audience
  • An exhibition provides contact with your existing clients in a relaxed atmosphere and is a far more cost-effective way of reaching a new audience than cold-calls
  • It allows you to position your product or service in line with a total competitive offering, and highlight its strengths
  • It allows you to research potential acceptance of new products or services, or even test market new directions that your company might be about to launch
  • It provides access to the media, who also use an exhibition to gather information on new directions within an industry
  • Your participation in an exhibition signals your support for the industry you are part of within your business
  • An exhibition provides an opportunity for you to bring together staff from around the country or overseas and to conduct your own company conference, product launches and/or re-training and sales meetings
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