Photo of Odyssey Premier
Photo of Odyssey Premier
Photo of Odyssey Premier
Photo of Odyssey Premier
Photo of Odyssey Premier

Address: Varies,
Call for more information: 01787 881111

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From golden sandy beaches to snowy mountain tops, Odyssey Premier has what you are looking for. This points-based ownership is far more flexible in terms of where you can go and when, allowing you to trade in your own week for points to put towards going somewhere completely new to you. Travel and Leisure Group timeshare brokers know that for a points-based ownership that gives the ultimate in freedom, Odyssey Premier is the top choice.

Swapping your usual week couldn't be easier. Simply choose from the list of destinations and timeshare opportunities to find the holiday that is right for you this year. Whether you have a particular yearning to surf in Australia, to taste wine in South Africa, or to trek through the ancient carved city of Petra in Jordan, all you have to do is swap enough points. And with Odyssey Premier's Hot Deals, you may even find that it's cheaper than you expected.

Owned by an award-winning travel and luxury group, this company offers the ultimate in lush experiences. Visit the spa, sip a refreshing beverage, and allow yourself to be waited on in some of the world's most exotic locations. Let the others return to the same place year after year: you deserve a little adventure.

Buying Odyssey Premier timeshare

When you buy through Travel & Leisure Group, you could end up saving potentially thousands of pounds on the development price. We also offer secure and safe transactions and are members of The Timeshare Association, American Resort Development Association, Resort Development Association and the Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council. We adhere to both European and UK government legislation regarding timeshare resale and sales.

Rent Odyssey Premier before you buy

Of course, we want you to be absolutely delighted with your new holiday home. So before you make a long term investment with Odyssey Premier why not try renting first? This tends to be the most popular option as it gives you the chance to visit the resort and see exactly what you are investing into. After renting you can choose to buy the timeshare or simply rent another one until you find the perfect resort to fit your needs.

Selling and resale at Odyssey Premier

Travel & Leisure Group also specialise in selling timeshare and timeshare resales. We have years of experience selling Odyssey Premier property. So if you have timeshare for sale, we can help you get a great price. Selling timeshare could not be easier, we run a TV advertising campaign on Freeview and satellite television on top channels plus online advertising in efforts to sell timeshare with Odyssey Premier.

Anyone looking to sell timeshare using Odyssey Premier can be safe in the knowledge that they are in safe hands with monies deposited in a trust account administered by FNTC. With over 25 years' experience and a first class reputation within the industry you need look no further when looking to sell your timeshare.

For more information on any of our timeshare services, please don't hesitate to call us today. One of our friendly, expert team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively you can send us a message here.