Buying Timeshare in Germany

Beer or wine? That sums up the German conundrum. One is at the heart of a pilsner-swilling culture that draws kegloads of visitors annually, is the very reason for one of the world's great parties (Oktoberfest) and is consumed with pleasure across the land. The other is exported worldwide, is responsible for gorgeous vine-covered valleys and is enjoyed everywhere, often from cute little green-stemmed glasses.

And the questions about Germany continue. Berlin or Munich? Castle or club? Ski or hike? East or west? BMW or Mercedes? In fact, the answers are simple: both. Why decide? The beauty of Germany is that rather than choosing, you can revel in the contrasts (except maybe with the car question...). Exploring this country and all its facets can keep visitors happy for weeks.

Berlin, edgy and vibrant, is a grand capital in a constant state of reinvention. At the other end, Munich perches atop Bavaria, the centre of national traditions.

Buying timeshare in Germany can be considered an investment in your time on holiday or abroad. Whether you are looking to buy timeshare in Germany for use as a holiday home or while on business trips you will find a wide range of luxury hotels and resorts to choose from such as:-

Timeshare Hotels and Resorts in Germany

Buying a Timeshare Resale in Germany is Easy, Safe and Secure

Travel & Leisure Group strictly adhere to both UK and European government legislation covering the sale of resale timeshare and we are long-standing members of RDO (Resort Development Organisation) and ARDA (American Resort Development Association) for your peace of mind.

With prices starting from £995, there has never been a better time to purchase a property in Germany and experience the luxury that timeshare has to offer. Click here for more information about buying timeshare.


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Selling Timeshare in Germany

Have you ever asked yourself "How do I sell my Timeshare in Germany?", you will find it couldn't be easier. Travel And Leisure Group have been selling timeshare in Germany for many years and have built a second-to-none reputation within the industry.

There are many people looking to buy timeshare in Germany and their first stop will be a reputable timeshare broker such as ourselves.

If you currently own a timeshare in Germany and are considering selling it, then make Travel & leisure Group your first and last call. We can register your timeshare on our books absolutely free of charge. For more information on selling your timeshare, click here.


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Renting Timeshare in Germany

Many people find renting a timeshare in Germany is a good option before buying a timeshare there. Choosing to rent a timeshare gives people a chance to inspect a property they may be considering to buy into. You will find many of our clients looking to sell their timeshare in Germany also choose to put it up for rent. We have many owners who choose to rent their timeshare as they are unable to use it but wish to keep it as an investment. For more information about timeshare rentals click here.

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With around 20 Christmas markets in the city to visit there are many unique experiences to be found throughout the city for both families and couples alike. With roots that go back to the 14th century, the ‘Christkindlmarkt’ Christmas market situated on the Marienplatz at the centre of the city provides visitors with a trip back in time. Traditional stalls lining the streets sell a mixture of handicrafts, gifts and local cuisine with recipes largely unchanged throughout the centuries. As Munich’s most popular Christmas market, the attraction benefits from a unique entertainment schedule that includes free festive concerts from the balcony of Munich’s Town Hall performed by traditional Bavarian musicians. Be sure to buy yourself a delicious glass of mulled wine to warm your stomach whilst you walk through the market stalls on a cold winter’s night.

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